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Q. We received our Group Master Agreement in the mail this week and other than the logo at the top saying Quartz, the rest of the document states Unity. Is this a mistake?

A. No, it may be a little confusing, but it's not a mistake.

Quartz is our organization’s brand name and Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation (Unity) is the underwriting company for your health plan. Unity holds the insurance license, not Quartz, so that’s why Unity’s name is used throughout the document.

Q.I noticed Multi​Plan is on the back of the ID card with an HMO plan. Does this mean members can use providers outside of the Commercial Network?

A. No, the network requirements remain in place.

The logo on the back of the ID card is to indicate that we use Multi​Plan to reprice any authorized services provided out of network. For example, emergency care provided out of network may be repriced using Multi​Plan for HMO members. 

Q. How do I open my invoice on MyPlanTools?

A. The invoice password is the group’s ​ZIP code.


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