Help Members Find their Healthy

Quartz now makes it easier than ever for our members to comparison shop for drugs and manage their medicines. With our Pharmacy Benefits Online Tool, members can –

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  1. Get drug information in easy-to-understand language. Find out if there are any drug interactions. Identify drugs based on their markings.
  2. Compare drug prices and see how to save money by switching to preferred medications.
  3. Find an in-network pharmacy. Details include hours, the phone number and interactive map with directions.
  4. View the status of prior authorizations in real-time. Check for approvals and denials.
  5. View and print a drug history for your taxes with PersonalHealthRx®

Members can take full advantage of their prescription benefits by accessing the tool through their existing MyChart account at Just go under the Coverage umbrella, select "Forms" and click on:

  • Pharmacy Benefits (Prescription Claims, Authorizations, Medication Pricing / Other Medication Info)