One for the Ages

Quartz Well, the wellness offering for Quartz members, was introduced in January 2018. As of the end of June, more than 25,000 members have connected with Quartz Well and at least one-third have earned Amazon rewards for participating in healthy activities.

Many employers may assume that a program like Quartz Well appeals only to younger generations, due to requiring online access to participate and a fitness tracking device to make the most of its benefits. However, our results show that members of all ages (18 and older) are participating in Quartz Well, regardless of their generation.

Quartz Well has four major activity categories: Engagement, Fitness, Prevention, and Health & Well-being (click here for a complete list of activities). Quartz members have logged 40,323 activities just halfway through the year! Here’s the breakdown by activity and who is participating –

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*Millennials are defined as ages 18-34; *Generation X is defined as ages 35-50; *Baby Boomers are defined as ages 51-69. Members 70+ are included with Baby Boomers.

Our preliminary data includes a lot of interesting information about the ways our members are using their wellness benefits. We’ll continue to analyze results and look for ways to improve Quartz Well to add even more member value in the future.

As a reminder, visit the Employer Wellness Toolkit on MyPlanTools for tips and ideas for wellness planning. And, watch for enhancements to the resources and tools that are available on Quartz Well in 2019.

Do the Work, Reap the Reward

Quartz Well participants who synced a fitness tracker in 2018 to log their steps were credited with 2,000 points. To start the new year off on the right foot, we’ll add another 2,000 points to the Quartz Well balances of those members in January 2019. That’s enough points for a $50 Amazon gift card!

  • No action is needed. Members need to keep their devices connected and keep moving. We’ll do the rest.
  • For members who haven’t synced a tracker to Quartz Well yet, there’s still time in 2018 to connect, start racking up steps and get rewarded.
  • Quartz Well is accessible only through a MyChart account – enroll or log in at QuartzMyChart.