Member Promise

Providing excellent customer service is a company-wide goal at Quartz.
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Every employee is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the high level of service that you deserve.

We strive to –

  • Provide prompt and accurate member services
  • Keep our promises and commitments to our customers
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do

Quartz's Customer Relations Results (Year-to-Date 2020)

Every year our strategic business plan includes setting customer relations goals. We monitor our results regularly to make certain we are delivering the best service possible.

 Customer Service GoalsResults
Average speed to answer (in seconds)Less than 20 seconds22 seconds
Percent of abandoned callsLess than 3%1.99%
Accuracy and completeness of responses99%98.91%
 Enrollment GoalsResults
Keying accuracy99%98.34%
Days to mail new group ID cards5 daysLess than 1 day
Average days to key enrollment changes7 business daysLess than 3 business days
 Claim Processing GoalsResults
Non-investigated claims paid in 30 days100%99.71%
Investigated claims paid in 60 Days100%


Financial accuracy


Attribute accuracy97%99.​​56%