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Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

Amie began her career with Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. in 2018. With more than two decades of experience in the delivery of health care products and services, Amie is an experienced executive with a track record of driving organizational growth and development while building positive and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders. Her experience includes benefit design and administration, pharmacy benefit management, care management, quality improvement strategies and business development.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Amie develops, executes and sustains our strategic planning initiatives with a mission-driven focus to ensure Quartz’s long-term success. Amie also provides leadership to our ACA Marketplace, Medicaid and Medicare lines of business and oversight for Quartz’s Government Affairs work.

Amie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Sociology from Northwestern University and completed a Master of Arts in Social Service Administration and a Certification in Health Care Administration from the University of Chicago.

Amie serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the National Guardian Life Insurance Company and the Lussier Community Education Center.