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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Late last week, I shared some thoughts with Quartz employees regarding recent events: 

“It takes courage to speak up when a friend, family member, politician or anyone else makes a racial comment or promotes hatred in our country. As an employee of Quartz, I strongly encourage you to speak up and be a leader in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for all with our family, friends, in our company, community and country. Now is not the time to be silent.” 

Just like you, employees at Quartz are struggling to deal with the numerous, unprecedented challenges. We condemn the systemic racism in our country that devastates Black and other communities of color. Racism is a public health crisis. We must speak up and act to end the preventable and untimely deaths that are its consequence.  

As a result, Quartz is investing heavily in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) program. 

  • We have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Manager, Coordinator and a dedicated DE&I Committee. They ensure we are advancing equity and inclusion across the organization and as part of our service delivery. 
  • Our organization is in the process of developing additional mandatory DE&I training for our leadership teams and members of our workforce. 
  • We are partnering with local organizations in our service areas to develop strategies to reduce and ultimately eliminate health care disparities. 
  • Quartz has and will continue to support African American organizations pursuing social justice, advocacy work and the elimination of racism. We will continue to partner with such organizations to provide funding and look for opportunities to collaborate.

Protests in and around Madison have mostly been peaceful. However, some see this as an opportunity to create chaos and benefit themselves. In response to the destruction, Quartz will donate $10,000 to the fund established by the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to help businesses in downtown Madison recover. While we understand the immense frustration and pain our community is feeling, we are saddened by and opposed to the violence and looting by a small group of people.  

Our core values at Quartz include respect, responsibility and developing relationships with employees, customers and communities we serve. Equity is our responsibility. Our path to healing must foundationally be built on respect for all. We plan to be a partner to help accomplish this in our communities. 

As a health plan, we are committed to providing fair and equitable access to health care for all. We will continue to work to eliminate racial disparities in health care. Recent events have highlighted the importance of Quartz’s DE&I efforts. As a result, today, Quartz is committing to accelerating those efforts. Soon, I will share additional steps the organization will take to enhance our DE&I efforts. Conversations about what the next steps look like are ongoing. 

Until that time, I encourage everyone to keep the conversation about race and race relations going in a respectful, responsible manner. We promise to have those conversations internally and be part of the greater dialogue and change.

For more information about our DE&I program. Please visit our dedicated web page.