5-Star Special Enrollment Period

Good news for consumers: they can switch to one of our 5-Star Medicare Advantage plans anytime during the year — not just during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period. All they have to do is take advantage of a Special Enrollment Period.

Here at Quartz, we think getting a 5-Star Rating from Medicare is a really big deal! Quartz has the only Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan in the region to achieve a 5-Star Rating 15 times*.

Nine different categories contribute to a health plan’s rating. Here are a couple of our top-rated results that speak to what makes a Quartz 5-Star plan such a great choice.

  1. Member Experience with the health plan. We received an overall excellent rating of 5 for this category, which includes:
    • Customer Service.
    • Health care quality.
    • Speed and ease of appointments and care.
    • Care coordination.
    • How members rate their experience with our plan, including getting their prescriptions and care from their doctors.
  2. Staying Healthy. Our plan received an overall excellent rating of 5 for how well we keep members healthy with reminders about preventive screenings, checkups, and vaccines, including:
    • Breast cancer screenings.
    • Colorectal Cancer screenings.
    • Annual flu vaccines.

To view the 2022 Star Ratings Fact Sheet from CMS, visit To learn more about Star Ratings, visit

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