Are you delaying or skipping a lifesaving cancer screening? There’s no way to sugarcoat the seriousness of the problem. People are putting off the cancer screenings that could save their lives.

Yes, COVID-19 has caused dangerous delays in cancer screenings. Providers are urging patients to get these potentially lifesaving procedures.

Cancer does not stop during a pandemic

According to the National Cancer Institute, the U.S. may see as many as 10,000 excess deaths from breast and colorectal cancer alone over the next decade. This is due to delays in screening and treatment during the pandemic.

Screening tests are not the same as what a doctor might order if you have symptoms that could be from cancer. Screenings look for cancer in people who don’t have symptoms.

Screening tests may find breast, cervical, colorectal, and lung cancers early when treatments are likely to work best. Screening guidelines for these and other cancers vary by age and risk factors. Talk with your provider about the cancer screening you may need right now.

Providers are putting patient safety first

  • Contact your provider for advice about specific cancer screenings. Then, check your health care provider’s website to see the steps they’ve taken to help ensure your safety.
  • Need help locating a provider? Use our Find a Doctor tool  to see where you can get these important preventive screenings.
  • If you seek care at a clinic or hospital, it’s best to bring your mask and hand sanitizer. Remember to stay 6 feet apart from others.

Earn reward points for cancer screenings

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Subscribers age 18 and older can earn $100 for single plans. Family plans offer $100 for the subscriber and subscriber’s spouse or domestic partner.

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