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How Digital Tools Enhance Your Well-Being

The term “digital health literacy” has taken on new importance this year. The World Health Organization defines it as “the ability to seek, find, understand, and appraise health information from electronic sources and apply the knowledge gained to addressing or solving a health problem.”

What does all that mean? People are taking more interest in managing their health and wellness, turning to digital tools and apps for resources, support, and timely information. Quartz is here to support you with digital apps included with Quartz plans at no additional cost for eligible members.*

MyChart: Simplify your search for information with secure 24/7 access to your ID card, benefits, claims, Customer Service, and more.

MyRxInfo: Look up drug prices based on your benefits, find a pharmacy, see your prescription history and pharmacy benefit prior authorization status, look up medication side effects, identify pills, and more.**

Learn more about all the digital and wellness apps
available to you as a Quartz member. You’ll also find links to learn about available Telehealth services from our provider partners.


* Quartz apps and programming within the apps are available at no cost to participating members. Message and data rates may apply.
** This service available only to members whose Quartz plan includes pharmacy benefits.

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