Prescription drug coverage is an important part of your health plan. Our Pharmacy BenefitsTool* gives you one-stop access to see what’s covered, compare prices, find pharmacies, and more. Coming this fall, you’ll see a new look and enhancements that will make your experience using the Pharmacy Benefits Tool even more intuitive. Simply log in to your MyChart account at** and look for the Pharmacy Benefits Tool link in the middle of the page.

Drug Information

Learn more about drugs you’re taking and their interactions. Also, identify drugs by their markings on tablets or capsules.

Prior Authorization Status

See if your doctor sent us a prior authorization request. Follow its status in real time. Find out if the request was approved or denied and why.


Download a prescription report or a tax report on your medications, and see what you paid.

Drug Price Check

Enter a drug name and search to find the price. Compare your drug to a generic. Change the pharmacy, quantity, or select “View Most Commonly Dispensed Similar Drugs” to shop for a better price.

Pharmacy Locator

Find in-network pharmacies, plus phone numbers, hours, and maps with directions.

*This service available only to members whose Quartz plan includes pharmacy benefits.
**If you don’t have MyChart access, go to Click Sign Up Now and follow the prompts to set up your account.

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