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Age Doesn’t Always Protect You from a Stroke

When you think of strokes, you might think they only afflict older adults. However, there is evidence that younger individuals are becoming more susceptible to strokes, with an estimated 10% of stroke patients younger than 50.

Strokes are also linked to heart disease. That’s why American Heart Month, observed in February, is a great time to talk with your provider and make sure you’re not at risk for both.

Be prepared

No matter what age you are, knowing your risk factors allows you to be prepared and make changes to keep you healthy –

  • Eat a healthy diet. Making sure your body has the proper nutrients can help you stay in tip-top shape
  • Stay physically active. Maybe going to the gym doesn’t work for you, but taking stairs, going on walks and standing once an hour still can make a difference.
  • Live tobacco-free. It’s no secret smoking and other tobacco products have negative impacts on our health. Quitting can help lower your risk, and Quartz is here to help you quit! Visit to learn how Quartz’s health coaching program can you help you quit.

Quartz Well rewards you for your efforts

Not only do these healthy changes lower your risk for stroke and heart disease, Quartz also rewards you for all of these activities! With Quartz Well you can earn points for logging meals, tracking your steps, physical activities and participating in health coaching programs.

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