Janey Watters, Account Executive – Individual Sales


We want to make understanding health insurance easier, so we’re including a section in each Quartz Medicare Advantage newsletter that addresses Medicare-related questions. And, there’s no one better to answer them than our own Janey Watters, Account Executive – Individual Sales. Janey draws on 20 years of Quartz Medicare Advantage expertise for her answers.


This month’s topic: New Extra Benefits for 2020!


Janey: We are pleased to offer you 5-Star rated plans that include extra benefits for the 2020 plan year. As a Quartz Medicare Advantage member, your plan’s extra benefits have low copays, $0 copays or are at no extra cost to you.


Q: What are my extra benefits for 2020?

Janey: I’ve listed a few of your plan’s extra benefits for 2020 below. You can find complete details about your extra benefits in your plan’s Evidence of Coverage, which is available in your MyChart account at QuartzMyChart.com. You can also check your plan’s 2020 Member Guide or call Customer Service for more information.

  • MyChart is a secure, online connection to your benefits information right at your fingertips.
  • Over-the-Counter Benefit Program lets you buy covered over-the-counter (OTC) health-related items at any participating store or pharmacy nationwide.
  • Virtual Visits. Connect with a doctor 24 / 7 via a smartphone, tablet or computer equipped with a web camera – all with $0 copay. Not available to SwedishAmerican Medicare Advantage (HMO) from Quartz members.
  • Meal Delivery after a Hospital Stay. You’ll get 20 nutritious and microwave-ready meals from Mom’s Meal delivered to your home at no extra cost for a covered stay. Not available to Core D members.
  • Massage Therapy for Chronic Conditions. Receive massages for certain chronic conditions, such as neck pain, lower back pain, fibromyalgia and Type 2 diabetes. Not available to ProHealth Medicare Advantage (HMO) from Quartz members.
  • Preventive Dental. Gundersen Medicare Advantage (HMO) from Quartz Elite and Elite D members now have access to the Delta Dental provider network for two exams/cleanings and one bitewing X-ray per year.


Q: Do I have coverage out of the state or out of the Quartz Medicare Advantage network?

Janey: Yes. You have worldwide coverage for urgent or emergency care. New this year is that you have access to providers in the entire Quartz Medicare Advantage network throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.


Q: Does Quartz Medicare Advantage participate in Silver Sneakers?

Janey: No. However, Quartz Medicare Advantage does have Quartz Well, a complete wellness program.


Q: Where can I get more details to start using these benefits?

Janey: You can get more information on your plan’s extra benefits –

  • In your plan’s Member Guide, which was recently mailed to you.
  • Log in to your MyChart account at QuartzMyChart.com
  • Call Customer Service


Quartz Medicare Advantage Member Guide

Recently, members got their new Member Guide booklets in the mail. If you missed it, no worries — simply visit your MyChart account to access the online version. It’s full of valuable, easy-to-find information that will help make getting started with your Quartz Medicare Advantage plan a breeze.

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