Emily Peters, Marketing Intern

Intern Corner: Meet Emily

Emily Peters, Marketing and Communications Intern

Quartz interns are given responsibility that a lot of other interns may not get. We aren’t coffee runners or constantly making copies. We don’t fetch lunch or mark things on a calendar. We analyze numbers, work on expense reports, write for the internal website and even schedule important meetings. Quartz has given me and the other 13 interns the chance to gain real-life experience.

My Summer at Quartz

As a junior at Edgewood College majoring in Communications, I don’t think I could ever have seen myself working in health care. But, when the opportunity to work at Quartz came up, I knew I had to take the chance.

Being an intern for Quartz has been quite the learning experience. I knew what a copay was because I always ask my dad to deposit money in my account when I pick up my prescription. However, the extent of my health care knowledge stopped there.

Learning on the go

As my internship has carried on and I’ve learned more, I’m happy to say my health care knowledge has grown immensely. Not only has my experience with marketing and communications grown, but I’ve also been able to adapt my writing style for the health care industry. I’ve learned what Quartz means as a brand too. I’ve even run a great social media campaign highlighting the internship program.

Being able to step outside of my comfort zone and learn more about an industry I wasn’t familiar with, while also seeing marketing in a different light, was something I’ve really enjoyed.

Overall, my summer at Quartz has exceeded expectations. It’s been filled with opportunities that I didn’t think I’d get before graduation. At the beginning of the summer, I only knew what a copay was, but I’m glad to say Quartz has taught me much more than that.

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