Summer is finally here!

Let the summer fun begin! The warmer weather is rolling in, and with it comes a ton of exciting outdoor activities. Swimming in the pool, cruising in a boat on your favorite lake, watching fireworks dance across the sky or enjoying a laid-back tailgating event — there are so many amazing things you can look forward to over the next few months.

While there’s really no wrong way to spend your summer, there are ways to make sure you safely enjoy these activities. The next few weeks we’ll highlight tips to help you and your family have healthy fun in the summer sun, so make sure to keep checking in to catch all our summertime safety tips.

Mowing with kids around

With our snow shovels put away it’s time for our lawnmowers to show us what they can do. A fresh-cut lawn can bring on a sense of accomplishment, but making sure your kids stay out of harm’s way in the process is also important.

Our friends at UW Health recommend these tips to make sure your kids stay safe while you mow the yard –

  • Before starting the mower, know where all the children are
  • If kids are outside while you’re mowing, designate someone other than yourself as a supervisor
  • Never allow children as a passenger on a riding lawn mower
  • Teach children that lawn mowers are not toys
  • Children should be at least 12 before operating a push mower
  • Children should be at least 16 before operating a riding lawn mower

For more information from UW Health on how to keep kids safe while you mow the yard, click here.

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