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Tips for Staying Active During the Winter

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to be active in the winter. Weather conditions may keep us homebound and unable to get out and enjoy our normal exercise routines or activities.

You can stay active this winter season with these great tips –

  • Turn on the music and start cleaning
  • Try a new winter activity that you’ve never done before like snowshoeing or cross-country skiing
  • Do a winter activity that you love: ice skating or building a snowman
  • Try a new indoor exercise activity: yoga, cycling, Zumba or Pilates
  • If you’re already out and about, park in the furthest parking spot or take an extra lap around the mall
  • Safely shovel your driveway instead of using the snowblower. Offer to shovel a neighbor’s, too!

 Source: UW Health “How to Fit In Exercise During This Winter”, (accessed October 30, 2018), available at

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