Want to ensure you have health insurance coverage in 2019? You need to renew your plan or apply for new coverage by December 15.

In Wisconsin and Illinois, you can use Quartz’s Get A Quote tool to see if you qualify for help with your costs, explore plan options, add dependents to an existing plan or enroll in a plan.

Saturday, December 15, 2018 – Last day to enroll in health insurance coverage for January 1, 2019

To ensure your health insurance coverage begins on January 1, 2019, you need to sign up by December 15. If you do not sign up by the deadline, you may have to wait till the next Open Enrollment to obtain coverage. If you purchased your plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you should update your information at healthcare.gov by December 15 to ensure you get the financial assistance you may qualify for.

What if I Don’t Sign Up for Health Insurance During Open Enrollment?

If you buy your own individual or family plan you should sign up during open enrollment. If you don’t qualify for a special enrollment period, you may also have to go without health insurance until open enrollment begins for 2020.

Is Open Enrollment the same for everyone in Wisconsin?

No, Open Enrollment can be different depending on your situation.

  • If you work for the State of Wisconsin, your open enrollment period is different each year. This includes state employees, UW Hospital & Clinics employees, graduate assistants, State of Wisconsin annuitants or continuants, and local government participants.
  • In addition, you may get health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment Period if –
    • You become eligible for Medicaid (BadgerCare Plus)
    • You change jobs and need to sign up for a different employer-based health insurance plan
    • You become eligible to be covered by Medicare and want to purchase a Medicare Supplement Policy 
    • You qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (based on major life changes – marriage, divorce, birth or adoption, etc.)
    • You are an employer with 100 or fewer employees – you can purchase a group policy for your business outside of open enrollment only if you meet the health insurer’s participation standards
    • You are an employer with 101 or more employees – you can purchase a group policy for your business at any time during the year

    If you have questions about open enrollment, or you’re still unsure about when you can sign up for health insurance without paying a penalty, give us a call at (800) 362-3310. We’re happy to help.

    Explore the many options available to you during open enrollment today!

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