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Flu & Flu Vaccines during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and the Flu

Influenza, or the “flu”, is a respiratory illness caused by the Influenza virus. The flu is most common between October and May. Flu symptoms may include fever, chills, cough, muscle aches, fatigue and congestion. Pregnancy lowers your ability to fight off and avoid infections.

The flu can be very harmful for both you and your baby. A pregnant woman who gets the flu is at risk for complications and there is a greater risk for serious problems for the baby. Some problems include premature labor and delivery. Getting the flu vaccine passes protection to your baby for the first few months of life. If you don’t get the flu vaccine, your baby may have a higher risk of getting the flu.

An annual flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months and older, including pregnant women. It is safe and very important that pregnant women receive the inactivated flu vaccine. They may receive the flu vaccine during any trimester of the pregnancy.

For more information, visit or call your clinic to schedule your flu vaccine today.

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