UW Health offers the Stepping On program for persons 65 years and over who have had a fall in the past year OR have a fear of falling.

Evidence shows that this workshop has reduced falls by more than 31 percent. Falls are not only dangerous for older adults – they can happen to anyone at any age.

Falls can be catastrophic and may eventually result in the loss of independence.
Participants in this program will –

  • Learn to step outside the home with confidence
  • Learn with people your own age
  • Become more aware of fall hazards and learn how your fall risk can be reduced
  • Study the most up-to-date information on fall prevention
  • Learn simple and fun balance and strength training
  • Learn how vision, medication and footwear can contribute to falls
  • Help others by sharing what has worked for you

You must be able to answer yes or no to a number of questions in order to take this class.

For more information and the list of questions visit the enrollment page
at – https://www.uwhealth.org/onlineservices/classes/class/viewClass/453.

Cost –

$35 and includes snacks and handouts. This fee is reimbursable for Unity members eligible for the Fitness First & More program.

Upcoming classes –

August 8 – September 26 
at UW Health Northeast Family Medical Center, 3209 Dryden Drive

October 31 – December 12th

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