The Power of Positivity: Choosing Happiness

Positivity is very powerful. A positive mindset allows our brains to perform at a higher level and handle the stress of daily life. A positive attitude also plays a major role when it comes to our health and happiness. We know that an important link exists between our brain and body. Our thoughts impact our feelings, and in turn, our feelings impact our brain and body. When our brain is positive, it releases a chemical called Dopamine.

Dopamine relates to –

  • Making you feel happy
  • Turning on the learning centers in the brain
  • A stronger immune system 
  • Less stress
  • Lower levels of stress hormone (cortisol)
  • Mental well-being

So what does this mean? A positive brain performs better than a negative brain.

This is known as the happiness advantage.


How can I have the happiness advantage?

We actually have much more control over happiness than we often realize. Happiness is not based on the outside world. It’s based on how our mind views the world. When we wish to improve our life, the answer is found within ourselves. Happiness is not about a situation but is about the way we see it and how we approach it.

A number of simple things can be done to increase our positive thinking, including –

  • Gratitude – Write down things you are grateful for each day; this can help you appreciate positive things that happen
  • Journaling – Write about one positive experience you’ve had every day
  • Exercise – Boosts brain chemicals and leaves you feeling happier
  • Meditation – Helps with relaxation and clearer thinking
  • Random acts of kindness – Do something thoughtful for a friend or stranger

Balancing our responsibilities can leave us feeling overwhelmed. By understanding and practicing the ways in which we can improve our attitude, we are truly able to make happiness a choice. It may not always be easy, but it is life changing.

The Habits of Happiness

Once you think positively, you are better able to choose happiness.


Habits of Happiness −

  • Perspective – Being able to see a situation differently
  • Acceptance – Making peace with what you can control
  • Choice – Choosing to be happy

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